Elizabeth McCormick is not just a military spouse and a celebrated pilot, but also a compelling thought leader. She’s an example of how one can pivot careers and still remain successful. After her momentous journey in the military, Elizabeth took her passion for leadership and turned it into a thriving vocation as a professional speaker and John Maxwell certified coach. Distinguished as an author, Elizabeth has penned 20 phenomenal books concerning leadership, reflecting her prowess in the field. Now, as the CEO of Soar to Success International, Elizabeth is helping leaders elevate their game, and she has earned recognition and respect across the globe for her dynamic motivational talks. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Uncover the latest leadership trends transforming the narrative in modern times.
  • Gain insights into the shift from a traditional command structure to a more engaging and inclusive style.
  • Realize the power of visibility and accessibility in reinforcing leadership roles.
  • Discover Elizabeth’s dynamic framework of Communicate, Aviate, Navigate and its influence on leadership development.
  • Learn the art of trusting your team, letting go of control and the benefits of doing so in the workplace.