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Free Webinar for Job Seekers Shows You How to Find a Job You Love
(With Employers Who Love You Back)

Job Seeker Webinar
Is your job search stalling out? We look at hundreds of resumes every day and interview dozens of people. We know more about the job hunt process than your average recruiter does. We want to help you navigate this very soul-crushing experience with a thoughtful and helpful approach.

Learn The Five Fundamental Steps To A Successful Job Hunt

Kendra Prospero TTC Founder CEO
“This free webinar empowers job seekers to become more desirable to employers and transform their self-worth in the process. Inside you will find the questions to ask yourself if you want to:”
  • improve the way you feel about the job search process and regain your confidence
  • ensure that your next job is the best job you’ve ever had
  • know exactly what to say when people ask what you do
  • understand what it takes to compete and win in a competitive hiring environment
  • gain insights that will help you turn interviews into job offers
– Kendra Prospero
Founder & CEO Turning the Corner, LLC
Webinar Facilitator