Who Will Replace You When You Want to Step Away?

Free Webinar for Founders & CEOs Shows You How to Secure Your Future While Thriving Now!

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Who will replace you when you want to step away? We speak with dozens of Founders and CEOs who face this dilemma. We also see the fallout from not having a succession plan in place, which shows up as gaps on your leadership roster, missed business opportunities, and diminished profit. We want to help you navigate this experience with a thoughtful and helpful approach.

Learn The Fundamental Steps To A Successful Succession Plan That Works For You TODAY

Kendra Prospero TTC Founder CEO
“This free webinar empowers Founders and CEOs to rest assured knowing that your future and the future of your company is secure.  Transform what you think is possible in the process. Inside you will find the questions to ask yourself if you want to:”
  • improve the way you feel about the succession planning process and regain your confidence
  • ensure that your next step is the best decision you’ve ever made
  • know exactly what to say when people ask what’s next
  • understand what it takes to ensure your company’s future in a competitive environment
  • gain insights that will help you turn challenges into opportunties
– Kendra Prospero
Founder & CEO Turning the Corner, LLC
Webinar Facilitator