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Kendra’s Signature Topics

People Revolution

The industrial revolution in the 1800s and the technical revolution in the 1990’s changed everything about the way we worked and how we ran our businesses. We are now on the front lines of a people revolution, and businesses who do not embrace that they are in the talent business are not going to survive. Creating the conditions for people to thrive at your company will need to take at least 30% of our time, money, and energy. If you don’t start thinking like this, just like in other revolutions, those that did not adapt to the change were left struggling.

Get Off the Recruiting Treadmill

This practical and inspiring talk pulls from my 11-year journey building a company where I have a constant pipeline of great candidates, have little turnover, a culture that is admired, is profitable and I work less than a 40-hour week. If I can do it, you can too!

On Becoming More Diverse

It is possible to create a diverse team with time and effort! This talk pulls from my experience as a CEO and founder, building a company where I have diverse representation from every member of my team.

3 Steps to Find Work You’ll Love

After making 3 significant changes in my life, I found myself in my dream job and doing the work I was born to do. Here’s how you can too.

Meet Kendra

Kendra Prospero TTC Founder CEO

Speaker and CEO Kendra Prospero is a charismatic and pragmatic keynote speaker. Audiences love her no-nonsense approach and action-oriented presentations that offer both inspiration and actual tools they can use right away in their own lives and businesses.

Kendra’s client list includes both Fortune 500 and startups alike, including Google, Infusionsoft, Ricoh USA, Project Management Institute, Galvanize, Boomtown, SurveyGizmo, and SHRM Colorado.