Our Process

A strategic approach to your people operations

A people strategy that supports business strategy

A great company thinks strategically about talent management, employee engagement, retention, organizational growth, change, legal compliance and more. Traditional HR treats these tactically, reactively. Forward-thinking companies customize a people strategy to enable their business strategy and meet their goals. Read more about HR strategy here.

When we partner with your company, we’ll follow our tried-and-true 4-step process.

Our process for your HR strategy

1. Analyze

Looking at your organization as a whole, we identify gaps and areas of opportunity specific to your company goals and current HR strategy to improve or enhance your people operations. We’ll provide your HR and leadership team with a detailed summary report and project plan to guide our action plan.

2. Focus

We create the action plan together, outlining the areas where you need immediate action and defining our support model. Together, we develop a timeline and set expectations.

3. Implement

We assign a dedicated HR professional to create and project manage your deliverables and process from start to finish. We will work closely with you to provide a white-glove experience.

4. Train and maintain

We train your current HR representation on the new processes and set up systems that will make them successful, or we maintain full service HR support for you as your ongoing, outsourced HR strategic partner.

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