As a Founder and/or CEO, you prioritize learning about business growth, succession, continuity, and exit planning to ensure long-term success and sustainability. Growth strategies keep you competitive, while succession planning ensures smooth leadership transitions. Continuity planning prepares your team for unexpected disruptions, safeguarding your operations, and exit planning maximizes business value during ownership transitions. Together, these elements equip leaders to build resilient, adaptable organizations that thrive through various lifecycle stages. 

In this episode, you will hear from Richard Bryan about how he has accomplished all this and more. At 28, Richard took over his family’s $120 million car dealership business when his father retired due to illness. The business was losing $3.5 million a year with no leadership succession plan. With his mentor Frank’s help, Richard articulated a clear vision, hired the right people, built a dynamic team, and turned the business around. 

Richard shares: 

  • How he unlocked the importance of valuing and developing people in his organization.
  • The inspiring story of how he turned around a struggling fourth-generation family-owned business by changing the culture.
  • Understanding the value of having the right team in place that can get you through challenges.
  • Insights into how valuing people first can move the business forward from a financial perspective.