All business problems are people problems. In today’s world, business leaders must leverage their people to create a flexible business that can swiftly adapt to market shifts, tech changes, and economic ups and downs. This agility sparks innovation, improves processes, and tackles challenges head-on, turning disruptions into opportunities. Embracing flexibility through your people ensures long-term success and keeps the company resilient and competitive.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Nicole Gann who is the CEO of the Dallas-based non-profit called Juliette Fowler.  It’s in the elder care industry, which in and of itself is a challenging industry with constant change. Additionally, this company has been around for 130 years, which means she inherited a 130-year-old mission and culture, and a staff of over 200 people that’s been in place for years when she became CEO in 2018.

In this episode, Nicole shares:

  • How leveraging the spirit of people is crucial for organizational success. 
  • Why adopting change, encouraging new ideas, and not holding decisions too tightly allow for better navigation through uncertainty.
  • How you can encourage team members to bring ideas to the table and participate in the decision-making processes, which enhances their connection to the organization and its goals.
  • Why building a sense of community and recognizing individual uniqueness contributes to a healthier, more committed workforce.