For business leaders, it’s important to keep an eye on productivity and happiness. Think of productivity as the engine of your business—it’s what keeps things moving forward and the doors open. But, you can’t forget about happiness. It’s like the oil that keeps that engine running smooth. Happy workers mean less drama, more awesome ideas, and folks actually wanting to stick around. Plus, they’re less likely to call in sick or bail on you when the going gets tough. When you get the balance right, everyone’s winning—you’re hitting those targets, and your team is wired for success.

In this episode, we meet Eran Mizrahan. Eran started his business in 2021. Eran Mizrahan is the Co-founder of Ingredient Brothers. They make the ingredient search and procurement process easier for customers. He’s built this global team where both happiness and productivity go hand in hand.

In this episode, you will hear Eran’s experience related to:

  • Intentional culture-building.
  • What value-based hiring looks like for him
  • Early recruitment of top-level people for early-stage businesses
  • How to overcome remote work challenges.
  • The importance of face-to-face interactions for team unity.