Life is too long to not like the people you’re working with. I make it a goal to like everyone on my team, and Jeff Clapper feels the same way. He is the President and CEO of 8th & Walton, a company whose mission is to help suppliers become better partners with Walmart. They do it with training, and are known for their best-in-class support which is provided by his best-in-class team. 

Jeff believes that paying attention to your people makes a huge difference and it demonstrates that you care about the work; by doing the work, they are bringing their personalities to the table. And that goes a long way. He says that life is too short for us not to care about the people we work with. We all want to be seen, right?

In this episode you will learn:

  • Jeff’s process for coming to the values that are working for their team
  • 8th & Walton’s experience becoming B-Corp Certified and how that aligns with WalMart
  • What Jeff’s colleagues and employees think about the benefits of the B-Corp Certification 
  • Why attention is love and how caring for employees creates better performance
  • The hidden benefits of caring for employees and how your company will benefit