Who would have thought that having a great culture would result in more customers?

Today, we welcome Shannon Carlson onto the show. She is the CEO and Founder of Curator24 where she and her team are global experts in branding and marketing. Her secret weapon is also having a great place to work.

She’s in a highly competitive space, but because their culture of caring extends to their customers, they are unmatched by their competitors. When you care for your employees, they care for your customers and that relationship results in long-term clients!

In this episode, Shannon shares leadership lessons that have resulted in a 95% culture score from partners:

  • why her company is built on kindness as the primary value
  • the values she looks for when hiring new team members so they fit in the culture
  • why she prioritizes culture fit and personality over skill set
  • her refreshing approach to managing challenges at work that results in happier people