Lola C. West is a co-founder and partner of WestFuller Advisors, a boutique investment advisory firm in New York City that builds legacies of wealth for individuals, families, and institutions.

For almost a decade of her successful career, Lola served as a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch and a senior partner of LWF Wealth Management Group. Today, she continues to advise clients and institutions on how to build a vision for the future and directs the achievement of results-oriented financial goals and aspirations.

“Lola listens to what is said…and asks questions about what is not.”

In this interview with Lola, you will learn:

  • how being different from your business partner can be a good thing as a leader
  • how to give feedback to employees that doesn’t feel like a reprimand
  • Lola’s super simple secret to ensuring her employees are happy
  • hiring secrets to using your existing resources and network
  • the role of gratitude, joy, and love in her life as a leader
  • much more!