Caleb Avery, CEO of Tilled believes “if you’re just trying to compete on salary, you’ve really already lost. You have to have a mission and a vision and values in the organization that make you a destination that employees want to come to.”

His experience has shown him that it’s profitable to create an environment where people want to come work. As a leader, he invests in professional development for his team so they can be inspired by the work that they’re doing and believe that the work that they’re doing as individuals is contributing to the success of the business as a whole. Caleb knows that this requires that each employee understands the vision, and where the business is headed, as well as how their work individually contributes to that success. 

In this episode, learn about:

  • creating company values for the first time
  • the importance of investing in coaching and development
  • why being clear about mission, vision, and values results in less mistakes
  • tackling growth challenges as a leader

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