Turning The Corner is pleased to announce that we have been recognized as a Colorado Top 100 Woman Owned Businesses Award Winner.

For more than two decades, ColoradoBiz has celebrated the essence of women in Colorado’s business landscape with their Top 100 Woman-owned Companies list. They state, “Colorado just wouldn’t be the same without the leadership women demonstrate at every level of business, in every industry. It’s proof of how much women contribute to our thriving business community day in and day out. 100 companies is merely a small sample of the incredible work women are doing throughout the Centennial State, and we encourage our readers to discover, and support, the countless others who might not have made our list this year. Our Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies recognition is more than just a list — it’s an Event!”

What We Believe

The world of work is more complicated than ever, and traditional HR has struggled to keep pace. When it comes to creating and sustaining healthy, thriving cultures, small businesses suffer the most.

Turning The Corner is the remedy. Today’s high-tech, low-touch, cookie-cutter approaches simply don’t work for small businesses. Experience, judgment, and relationships have been replaced by technology in the name of efficiency with disastrous results. At Turning the Corner, we understand your challenges are as unique as the company itself. We design personalized HR approaches that work for you.

We Are On Your Team

Only after listening, learning, and diagnosing the underlying root causes do we provide recommendations and solutions to help you alleviate your chronic (systemic) HR pain so you can finally move forward. Our team is made up of skilled, connected, and compassionate employment professionals. We offer a full range of HR, recruiting, training, and job seeker services. We understand what it’s like when you need to find the perfect candidate to fill a critical role in your organization or when you are looking for the perfect job.

Group photo of Turning the Corner team

When you collaborate with us, you will work with a team of people who have been there and will be fully focused on helping you achieve your objectives.

Let’s Talk

We would love to have the opportunity to learn more about your business goals. All business problems are people problems, and we have the solutions.

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