It’s essential that your employees are naturally wired to do the work. In addition, having the values match between employee and the employer is vital to ensuring that employees are able to contribute their gifts and talents to a company that needs them at the right time. It’s easy to get to your destination when you row in the same direction.

In this episode, Hypergiant‘s CEO, Mike Betzer, talks about the importance of alignment in values not only to the success of a company but for a person to thrive and optimize their performance.

“I do believe behind every person is a good soul. They’re a good person, but they have to be in the right culture that is a match for them. And that may not be where they are.” Mike Betzer

“Everybody has a gift to give. I truly believe it. Though not for my company necessarily. Everytime we’ve lost someone, we really revisit the values, and say what was missing?” – Kendra Prospero

Mike also lets us in on the company’s mission to leverage data and technology in securing the safety of our people and the planet. He shares insights on building trust within your team and driving performance by simply listening. Tune in and learn how you can build a diverse but united team guided by the same core values and steering toward a common goal.