Your company lives and dies by your culture. Your core values need to show up in everything that you do. They can’t just be hanging on your office wall.

Great companies are built on the values of their employees. These values live in your organization through customer experiences, product decisions, hiring practices and more. They should be your compass for all decisions. And they shouldn’t be just words- they need to show up in everything from your elevator pitch to your customer service training.

For Vic Drabicky’s company January Digital, he puts culture front and center, even in their hiring process.

Join Kendra Prospero as she talks to Vic about scaling your company culture to not just you but to everyone else. Vic is the Founder and CEO of January Digital, a strategic consulting and digital media company. Learn how he adapted his leadership style through COVID to build his company. Discover the hiring process behind January Digital and how they treat everyone with respect.

Start finding those company values that you can stand by today!