“Turning the Corner helped save time, relieving anxious moments, and provided a well-vetted pool to select new hires. Their expert insight and ability to problem solve alongside us have been invaluable. They have become an essential and trusted partner for our small business.

Kendra and her team are our first call for any HR challenge or to start an employee search. We highly recommend Kendra and the team at Turning the Corner, LLC for any human resource need.”

Rob Kaufold, Executive Director, Hemera Foundation


About Hemera

Hemera is a private foundation that supports the continued emergence and development of contemplative practices in the West as the groundwork for human and community flourishing. Hemera executes its vision through support for contemplative teachers, retreat centers, and practitioners from novice to experienced. It partners with organizations in the fields of early childhood and adolescent well-being that engage in systems that stimulate the healthy development of children and adolescents.

We have supported Hemera with HR and business services since 2013.


The challenge

Like many nonprofit organizations, Hemera began with a small team of passionate people who shared a vision. But having common goals was not enough to bring success, and they needed an outside perspective to help organize their team and plan for growth.

Our primary goal was to help Hemera’s team see how their organization could be designed over time. That meant finding (and retaining!) the right people to help Hemera flourish.


Our approach

We began by helping Hemera secure a Controller, an essential position to support the Executive Director and Hemera’s grantmaking. Next, we stepped into the role of outsourced HR, integrating seamlessly with their team to provide recruiting, outplacement services, training, and coaching.

What did this look like? First, we took on the hiring process to relieve anxiety and allow Hemera’s executives to focus on their work. Then, through our recruitment services, we created a pool of qualified candidates. We reviewed resumes, checked backgrounds and references, interviewed, and followed up with all candidates on Hemera’s behalf. Finally, we shared our expert insight to inform the hiring process and help Hemera’s team find the right people for their team.

We continue to provide HR support, including onboarding new employees, annual performance evaluations, termination and outplacement services, and benefits evaluation. In addition, we have helped with essential internal tasks like constructing, reviewing, and distributing Hemera’s employee manual.


The results

  • Hemera grew from 2 people into an effective team of 9.
  • All of the team members placed by TTC have been with Hemera for more than 4 years, with initial hires crossing the 8-year mark this year.

Hemera’s team is a testament to our REAL people system; it’s how we helped them recruit great people, keep their employees engaged, ensure continued alignment, and support leadership development.


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