“TTC helped us in a moment where we knew we needed some additional, experienced, and practical support in areas like policy creation and culture scaling. We were grateful to always have TTC in our corner as we moved with some seriously shifting tides, and our company is better for it!” 

—Liora Dudar, Co-Founder, oVertone

TTC case study featuring Liora Dudar cofounder of Overtone

About oVertone

oVertone Haircare is a women-owned beauty brand founded by Liora Dudar and Meagan Scarlett. Together, they created a product they had always wanted: a hair-healthy, semi-permanent alternative to dye that could both achieve and maintain head-turning hair. After launching the brand in 2014, demand skyrocketed, and oVertone quickly became known as an industry disruptor in the hair color world. Turning the Corner began working with oVertone in 2019 through a client referral.

The challenge

Since their start, oVertone quickly grew in popularity and demand skyrocketed! By 2019, they had tripled their revenue and grew from 40 to 70 employees. However, as they transitioned from a startup to a well-established company, Scarlett and Dudar realized the company culture they loved was also shifting.

As the company grew, some people were stretched thin in their roles. But for leadership, keeping up with hiring was overwhelming. When it came to processes and shifting culture, they often felt like they were running behind and making reactive decisions rather than the intentional, proactive choices they wanted to be making. oVertone realized they needed outside support—and they found Turning the Corner just in time.


Our approach

Turning the Corner stepped in and took a deep dive with the leadership team to help build alignment and create an HR strategy and roadmap. We did a strategic HR analysis and implemented recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process that would fit oVertone’s needs, support their growth and allow them to plan for the future.

We implemented our REAL People Culture Building System and HR services, including a performance management system for processes and ideas. We also helped oVertone refine their management training process and integrated it with their current training software for ease of use.


The results

oVertone was thrilled with their new recruiting and onboarding process and saw clear scores to reflect that: Rated on a scale of 10, recruiting and onboarding satisfaction scores increased from a 4 to an 8 in just six months. The company was also able to implement more equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practices in their workplace, where five of their seven new hires were people of color.

Across the board, oVertone saw noticeable improvements after implementing Turning the Corner’s HR strategies: 360 reviews, system creation, and recognition & reward all increased by two to three rating points. Training saw similar results, with scores increasing from a 6 to 8.5, reflecting “huge improvement” where “management and leadership are adding SOP’s themselves and directing people there.”

We’re delighted to see oVertone receive recent accolades like Editor’s Choice in Men’s Health and the Reader’s Choice Award from Glamour. They have continued to recruit and hire at a fast pace.


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