“Turning the Corner has been a true asset for us! Helping guide us through the complicated, often scary maze of compliance. Saving that time and giving us that peace of mind is invaluable.” —Kevin Paulson, CEO, The Colorado Floor Company

TTC Drew Bonder and Kevin Paulson of Colorado Floor Company

About The Colorado Floor Company

The Colorado Floor Company is a family-owned and operated flooring installation company serving Colorado home builders since 1988. Turning the Corner began working with Colorado Floor Company in December of 2020 through a referral.


The challenge

When we met Kevin and Laura, the owners of The Colorado Floor Company, they had 67 employees and were positioned to double in size over the next four years. But to do so effectively, they needed support on the HR front. As a family-owned business, the pair handled the HR responsibilities on top of overseeing business operations. Laura found herself only getting to focus a small percentage of her time on the things she loved doing as a business owner—and spending 80% of her days on things she did not enjoy.

While their company culture supported excellent retention in operations, their hiring process felt inconsistent and presented challenges. The Colorado Floor Company needed to establish methods for consistency, like onboarding, record keeping, and compliance.


Our approach

We hit the ground running by conducting an HR compliance audit. After analyzing results, we helped The Colorado Floor Company establish a hiring process that would keep them organized and compliant, including a checklist for hiring, onboarding, and creating personnel files.

Turning the Corner also helped The Colorado Floor Company create an employee guide to fit their company culture and establish a PTO program in compliance with new HFWA requirements. We’re in the process of creating a Worker’s Comp process and creating efficiencies around communications of benefits enrollment.


The results

Our work with The Colorado Floor Company has felt like a true collaboration—we’ve learned that when you have a connection from the start, it makes for a great working relationship.

Since we began, we’ve witnessed the company gain a stronger footing around HR processes, supporting the great company and employee culture they’ve built while staying compliant in the process. And we’ve been thrilled to see how our collaboration has freed up Laura and Kevin’s time to focus on other operational aspects. They’re poised to continue their growth as planned.

We continue to provide HR services and ongoing consulting, for example, recently guiding The Colorado Floor Company through the process of using independent contractors.


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