Harassment Prevention and Investigation Practice

Protect Your Team Members From Harassment & Company From Liability

Harassment Prevention and Investigation Practice

Harassment is costly to employers in a variety of ways and causes numerous problems for employers and employees. Such environments can negatively impact employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity. Workplaces where harassment is present can cause resentment among co-workers. Harassment in any form makes it hard for employees to get their work done, be productive, and thrive.

Recent legislation in Colorado (the POWR Act, enacted August 2023) broadened the definition of harassment and created a higher threshold for businesses to provide an affirmative defense to claims of harassment and other unfair or unlawful labor practices. TTC’s harassment prevention and investigation packages allow employers to properly educate their workforce, set appropriate policies, track claims, and thoroughly investigate complaints.

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Choose From 3 Levels of Harassment Prevention and Investigation HR Services:

 Harassment Policy Templates DIYHarassment Policy Templates Plus CustomizationHarassment Policy Templates Customized Plus Training & Investigation Services
Provide policy templatesXXX
Provide claims tracking templateXXX
Provide template harassment training slides
Provide investigation templateXXX
Customize all templates to align with Company values, branding, and culture XX
Deliver harassment training  X
Develop harassment training strategy, deliver additional trainings for a year (max 3)  X
Conduct harassment investigation  X
Update NDAsContact Employment Attorney


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