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Jeni Rulon TTC Program-Manager Leadership Training

Jeni Rulon

Director of Leadership Development, CPC, PCC, ELMP

Jeni’s vision is a world where people are discovering their best authentic selves, realizing their dreams, achieving goals, and experiencing joy…even at work! She collaborates with dynamic teams and passionate professionals who are ready to succeed.

Prior to her current role as Facilitator, Professional Certified Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and Director of Leadership Development for Turning the Corner Training, her professional journey included working in both the private and public sector in a variety of senior management, director and ownership roles. Looking back over each role, she has found that her greatest triumph moved way beyond her track record of significantly increasing growth, strategy, and or managing projects. Her proudest accolade was her ability to successfully lead, connect, and collaborate with teams and individuals that were engaged and thriving!

Jeni values growth, connection, and joy…so it makes perfect sense that she is now a catalyst for these things. In both her coach and facilitation roles, she specializes in leadership, emotional intelligence, energy, awareness, culture, and communication.

In her time away from Turning the Corner, one may find her swimming, playing tennis, hiking, listening to music, meditating, reading, and following her wanderlust. Ultimately, Jeni is usually up for about most anything, especially if it allows her to connect with others in a meaningful way.


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How to Respond to a Write-Up at Work

Responding to a write-up at work isn’t just about checking a box—it’s about showing you’ve got what it takes to take constructive criticism and come back stronger. First off, owning up to any slip-ups and showing you’re willing to make things right speaks volumes about your character.

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