As a leader, how do you forge forward in a post-pandemic world when there is no longer a play book on how work is “supposed” to go? That’s the question we explore with Julia Y.C. Huang in this episode. 

Julia Y.C. Huang, founder and CEO of Intertrend Communications, brings over 35 years of experience as a leading voice in Asian culture, both as the leader of her own creative agency, as the founder of numerous entrepreneurial ventures, as the promoter of cultural and artistic events and initiatives, as a speaker and recognized voice in the communication industry, and as a committed contributor to numerous non-profit associations. While an expert creative agency leader, Julia’s path toward becoming CEO of the multimillion-dollar agency was circuitous – she lived and studied in three countries and never worked a day at an advertising agency before starting her own. 

Huang forged a path based on a unique ability to leverage deep cultural sensitivity and insight, combined with a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to leave a lasting, positive impact on society. A Taiwanese woman whose time was divided living across Asia, Huang arrived in the States with a strong perspective on what it means to be Asian and identified a gap in the marketing and advertising market, and recognized the cultural challenges Asians experience in the U.S.

Julia shares insights from her experience including:

  • what values she looks for when recruiting new team members that go beyond skill set
  • her unique approach to what it takes for her employees to be truly happy
  • how leaders can build company culture in diverse work environments with people from varying backgrounds
  • why leaders needs to learn as they go along and be willing to admit mistakes

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