Understanding and staying true to your core values is crucial for a successful company. These values shape your company’s culture, which is vital for attracting and retaining employees, boosting productivity, and simplifying the hiring process. 

To really make your company’s core values come to life, you have to ingrain them into everything you do. Get your team excited about living those values every day. Talk about them, shout them out when someone nails it, and lead by showing how it’s done. That’s how you turn values from words on paper into a living, breathing part of your company culture.

Cody Sutton, CEO of Guide Energy, exemplifies this. Despite being in an industry known for high turnover, his company has retained almost all its employees since its start in 2019. Cody faced the daunting challenge of surviving the Covid-19 pandemic as a young entrepreneur. Amidst building his infrastructure and client base, all oil and gas activity ceased in Oklahoma. He pivoted, entering new markets, manufacturing unfamiliar products, and connecting with new clients. Despite the adversity, he persevered, returning to his niche and experiencing steady growth thereafter.

Let’s learn from Cody how he: 

  • Transitioned from annual to quarterly goal-setting
  • Implemented routine systems for communication through weekly and monthly updates, enhanced team collaboration, and goal alignment
  • Focused on quarterly goal setting led to significant growth, with the company expanding by 400% year over year.
  • During challenging times, pivoted the company’s focus and product offerings, demonstrating resilience and innovation in response to market demands.