Too many leaders just accept high turnover as a normal part of doing business. At Turning the Corner, we will argue until we’re exhausted that this is unacceptable. All turnover is expensive, and we need to make it as low as possible as owners and as business leaders. Our guest on this episode has every reason to have a high turnover rate, as she’s in a tough industry. Yet she maintains a less than 5% employee turnover and has even grown her staff by 25% over the last year.

Karen Norheim is the President and CEO of American Crane & Equipment Corporation, a manufacturer of overhead cranes and hoists. They even provide equipment to NASA to lift spacecraft! The work can be dirty, dangerous, and backbreaking, yet their turnover is almost nothing. We’re going to find out how she’s made this possible. 

In this episode, we had a great conversation about how she:

  • Cultivated a strong company culture for success (and you can, too no matter the industry.)
  • Developed grit to overcome challenges and thrive with her team
  • Embraced transparency and communication for a thriving workplace when new leadership takes over.
  • Connected the work to a larger purpose for motivation and fulfillment.

You will also hear Karen’s inspiring story and lessons learned from taking over the family business that were passed down to her by her father.