Hello! I'm Kendra

Kendra Prospero

CEO and Founder

Kendra started Turning the Corner after realizing she was spending all her time thinking about how she could help people be more fulfilled in their jobs. At IBM, she worked in software development, consulting services, sales support, and training. On the side, she spent years counseling coworkers on their careers, giving resume advice, and bringing talented people together. She has helped many people land great positions in fields they are passionate about and are thriving in.

With her diverse background, she has a deep understanding of the different types of jobs and personalities that are out there and what makes that perfect fit. Kendra has a sixth sense about what makes people special from mentoring hundreds of new employees over 13 years at IBM. She has a real gift for looking beyond outward appearances to identify people’s unique talents.

There are two little people in her life that wake her and her husband at 5:30 everyday. She spends every free minute she has playing with her family. She is also a news junkie and loves to read every newspaper she can get her hands on.

Kendra Prospero TTC Founder CEO


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