How I Turned the Corner Podcast


You are invited to apply to be a guest on How I Turned the Corner podcast for Founders and CEOs.

Our mission: End suffering in the workplace and increase productivity and profitability while you do it!

Our focus is on the PEOPLE side of business: human resources, leadership, employee recruiting & retention.

Kendra’s podcast is shedding light on the truth about what it really takes to grow a business. The Great Resignation is upon us and people will no longer work for companies who don’t value them as a whole person. Join us as we fight to eliminate workplace suffering!

Podcast Application Process


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Complete the Application

Kendra will need to know more about you, including your HOOK, STORY, and OFFER.

HOOK: What is the reason WHY a CEO or Founder should listen to your interview?
Do you have a unique perspective related to people, teams, leadership, and HR? Have you accomplished something great or overcome a huge obstacle? Do you have a unique approach to leading people? (This likely will be used to create the show title.)

STORY: What is your personal story as a CEO or Founder?
Where were you before you are now? What was a defining moment in your life that led you to where you are now? What big challenge are you currently facing, and how are you tackling it?

OFFER: How can our community connect with you? Do you want us to send people to your website, LinkedIn, or another platform?




Our guests agree to promote the show on social media. After your episode goes live, we will provide you with the necessary links and graphics to make this easy as 1-2-3.


Do you know someone who would be a great guest on the show? Please send email introductions to [email protected]

Sample introduction email:

Hi Susan, I wanted to introduce you to Kendra Prospero from Turning The Corner, LLC. I was recently a guest on her podcast How I Turned the Corner. She is looking for interesting Founders and CEOs to interview and I immediately thought of you! I’ve copied her on this email and will leave it to you to connect from here.