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Carey Mason TTC Diversity Equity Inclusion Advisor

Carey Mason

Equity Amplification Advisor

Carey Mason is the Founder/CEO of DEI4BIZ, LLC helping business integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their processes and culture. A Cornell Certified Diversity Practitioner, Carey supports businesses who seek to create an inclusive work environment that embraces diversity and provides equitable opportunities that benefit employees, clients, and the community. Carey provides strategic planning, employee assessments, training, coaching, and consulting specifically tailored to assist businesses in their efforts to change their company culture.

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Carey amassed more than 35 years of experience in Human Capital Management, with extensive senior executive experience in marketing, product development, sales, operations, human resources, and customer service working with businesses of various sizes throughout the U.S., Australia, and Southeast Asia. His consulting practice employs proven business methodologies that improve financial management to expand services and profitability.  

Carey supports several non-profits including Break Through, the Community Foundation of Boulder, Cultivate NGO, Fertile Ground, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Out Boulder County, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Las Vegas, TGTHR, and Salute Colorado.  

Carey received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky, his Master of Arts degree from the Ohio State University, and his Diversity Management Practitioner Certification from Cornell University.  Carey and his wife, Amy reside in Boulder, Co.


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